Dr. Sherri Cox and the National Wildlife Centre

Dr. Sherri Cox is a wildlife veterinarian who works with sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife in Canada. She helps train current and future wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians interested in wildlife medicine. From minimizing stress to providing enrichment, the welfare of native wildlife in wildlife rehabilitation settings is of the utmost importance. Dr. Cox is an executive officer of the National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association and currently is the medical director of the National Wildlife Centre. She is an adjunct professor and teaches wildlife rehabilitation at the University of Guelph.

National Wildlife Centre
Wildlife Rescue: A Cry in the Wild Article
Relocating polar bears: A first in Ontario

Check out this interview article, Healing Power, in the current issue of In the Hills magazine where Dr. Cox talks about her work and her plans to create a major wildlife rehabilitation centre in Caledon.



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PROJECTor Bat – a joint venture between the bats that live in our area and you, the members of Headwaters Nature.

Headwaters Nature needs a new digital PROJECTor (AKA projector) and bats need places to roost. For the cost of $10.00 you get a chance to get this bat roosting box* and at the same time contribute to the purchase of a new club digital projector. It’s a win-win situation even if you don’t end up with the bat roosting box. Someone will get the box — a win for the bats and we’ll be closer to getting the much needed projector — a win for Headwaters Nature!

*Thanks to Rob B for donating the bat roosting box

N3 Nature Nerd Night

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HN 2023 Feb Nature Nerd Night

HN 2023 Feb Nature Nerd Night

Headwaters Nature is hosting an evening dedicated to sharing our enjoyment of nature with like-minded people. Headwaters Nature brings together people who share a common interest in the natural environment:  enjoying it, preserving it, and learning more about it in all of its incredible complexity and beauty. Indulge your inner nature nerd and join us for the evening where we will enjoy:

    • a short presentation
    • displays of nature art and artifacts, specimens
    • a book table
    • a couple of entertaining nature films
    • Test your knowledge with a fun “Nature ID Quiz”
Tuesday February 28, 2023, Orangeville Senior’s Centre 26 Bythia St
7:00pm.   Free admission
Everyone welcome
Refreshments provided (bring your own mug)


So far 7 people are setting up displays of their nature items. There will be interesting things for you to see such as specimen collections, nature artifacts, DIY peanut feeder and art.  There’s still time to reserve a table. Let us know and we’ll have one set aside for you.

In addition to the individual display tables we will have a couple of other dedicated tables.

One will feature books that will be free for the taking. If you, like many of us have extra copies of field guides, nature art books and such, bring them on the 28th and add them to the table.

The other interesting table is called Nature Nuggets. Do you have a special leaf or rock or skull or piece of driftwood that looks like your cousin? The Nature Nugget table is the place to show it off. Rob B will be bringing a neutralized specimen of one of Canada’s most venomous animals. Hmmmmm…what could that be? Ron J is bringing a weirdly twisted Cedar tree root that he uses to hang and dry persimmons. Cathy W is bringing a marvellous example of ‘bark biting”, an Anishinaabe craft that was almost lost three decades ago. The woman who did our example had only three teeth left when she did ours! Fortunately, she had finally found someone who became her student so that the old craft would be passed on. What are you going to bring? Something we hope. Feel free to bring an item that you can’t identify and one or more of our expert naturalists will try to identify it.

(Thanks to Jessica W for the poster design!)

One More Thing:

Headwaters Nature is once again showing ourselves off at the Orangeville Lions Home & Garden Show at the ‘Ag Centre’ out on #5 Sideroad of Mono from Friday, March 31, 2023 – to 9:00 P.M., Saturday, April 1, 2023 – 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., and Sunday, April 2, 2023 – 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

We need to update our poster board, the old pre-pandemic version of which is shown below.

If you have photos or posters or other items that could replace any or all of the items on this old board, please bring them to the N3 Nature Nerds meeting, or send them to info@onheadwatersnature.ca 

Headwaters Nature old 2020 display

Headwaters Nature old 2019 display

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