A most wondrous late Autumn!

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Here are some images (dramatic, journalistic, and abstract) of this most wondrous late Autumn! (MW)

stormy sunrise from Mono Cliffs

A stormy sunrise from Mono Cliffs, with the clearing fog and showers. The scene changed every few seconds as the clearing spots scud across this marvellous glacial landscape!

lichen covered cliff

I’ve aways loved this lichen-covered cliff at Mono Cliffs, especially today in the warm lights of the clearing sunrise, with the bright wetness of the yellows lichens.

late-season Monarch butterfly

A near-perfect recently-hatched Monarch butterfly in Mono Centre that surely needs to head south immediately!

possible aphid on thumb

A possible winged aphid on my thumb

Greater Yellowlegs in flight

I loved the reflection of this Greater Yellowlegs at Luther Marsh!

three Autumn Meadowhawk dragonflies lined up

Autumn Meadowhawks seemed to be everywhere basking in the sunshine on this warm and windy day at Luther Lake (and elsewhere)!

Virginia Ctenucha moth caterpillar

Ctenucha virginica caterpillar, Virginia Ctenucha day-flying moth, with the red-orange head and the brilliant contrast of the rows of black spiny hairs against the yellow hairs!

European Paper Wasp on yellow goldenrod

European Paper Wasp (Vespula dominula) on yellow goldenrod, both still living, though the wasp was sluggish …

Smooth Carrionflower tendrils in sunlight

Smooth Carrionflower (Smilax herbaria) tendrils

maple leaf shadows on smooth beech trunk

Shadows of Sugar Maple leaves on the smooth grey bark of American Beech (still relatively free of the terrible beech bark disease)

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