Spring Bingo for 2020 April 04

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Here’s the Headwaters Nature Bingo page of clues for the next several weeks!

  • We’re now encouraging you to include up to three of your personal observations that go beyond the list of 22 other observations!
  • Make this your own challenge — and include observations that mean a lot to you!
    • (I am personally going to include the Merlins that I saw earlier this week in downtown Orangeville. They were exciting to see!)
  • Send your observations to the Webmaster for prizes of ‘inestimable value’!
Bingo card only
Headwaters Nature Bingo card only

Here’s a printable blank bingo card (including instructions) for you to use if you wish.

We’re also including a printed version of the current clues:

  1. Wild Leeks / Ramps (poking above the ground; bonus point for sustainably digging and eating one leek!
  2. Woolly Bear caterpillar (bonus point: what is the name of the moth, and what colour is it?)
  3. Baby bird of any species and name the species
  4. Bird breeding song – describe the song
  5. First Spring Peeper (and where?)
  6. Bluebird
  7. First Chorus Frog (and where?)
  8. Turtle basking (bonus: one that has safely crossed a road; double bonus: if helped carefully by you!)
  9. Snapping turtle
  10. First butterfly: what kind?
  11. First dragonfly or damselfly: (bonus: what kind)
  12. First Bumblebee: (bonus: what kind)
  13. First other insect (not butterfly or dragonfly or bumblebee; bonus: what kind)
  14. Baby mammal: (bonus: what kind)
  15. Osprey (and where?(
  16. First snake: (bonus: what kind)
  17. Silver maple flowers: shedding or receiving pollen
  18. First Red Trillium flower (and where?)
  19. Turkey vulture (and where?)
  20. Spring Beauty flower (and where?)
  21. Morel mushroom (bonus: samples given to another member!)
  22. Skunk cabbage flower – where
  23. Your favourite observation of the period!
  24. Another observation that excited you!
  25. A third observation that appealed to you!

(Last week’s clues are here.)

8 thoughts on “Spring Bingo for 2020 April 04

    1. Mark Whitcombe Post author

      Good question, one that I need to clarify in the post. Use the same blank card from the site, but you can change order of the numbers if you wish. I’ve put my most fav observation squarely in the centre.

  1. Cynthia

    My husband has been feeding a flock of turkeys every winter for several years. I think the count this morning was a baker’s dozen!!! The Toms have been displaying for several weeks. Yesterday, two were fighting outside our house with several others trying to get a piece of the action. The one’s head was inside the beak of the other one and they went around like that for a good 15-20 minutes, with other Toms striking at them with their feet. We have a video from several years ago of the same thing and it went on for a good half hour. A Tom and a Hen were making little turkeys the other day!!!!

  2. Russ McGillivray

    Looks like a good year for Wood Frogs. Along the west half of Cedar Drive, Caledon I passed four distinct locations – 3 vernal pools and one cattail marsh.

    1. Mark Whitcombe Post author

      Check out Dawn’s recording of Spring Peepers and Wood Frogs on the Gallery page!

  3. Mark Whitcombe Post author

    Yesterday our two Silver Maples started flowering, one a male tree, the other a female. This date falls more or less in the middle of my phenological records, which range from March 15 to April 21 over the last dozen and a half years for my backyard in Orangeville.


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