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2023 CVC Butterfly Blitz is starting soon!

This message is from Laura Timms, a past Headwaters Nature speaker.  She’s a Senior Specialist, Natural Heritage Management for Credit Valley Conservation, and is in charge of the annual CVC Butterfly Blitz. A number of our members have participated in this over the years.The 2023 CVC Butterfly Blitz is starting soon, running from May 6 – September 16. They’re starting earlier this year in the hopes that we all can spot more early spring butterflies, many of which are already flying. We’ll then meet for an in-person kickoff event on June 3rd. You can find out more about this fifth Butterfly Blitz at and can register there via the enroll now button on the website. One of the early spring butterflies of special interest is the West Virginia White, a provincial species of Special Concern. They should be flying soon, and may be found in large areas of intact… Read more »

N3 Nature Nerd Night

Headwaters Nature is hosting an evening dedicated to sharing our enjoyment of nature with like-minded people. Headwaters Nature brings together people who share a common interest in the natural environment:  enjoying it, preserving it, and learning more about it in all of its incredible complexity and beauty. Indulge your inner nature nerd and join us for the evening where we will enjoy: a short presentation displays of nature art and artifacts, specimens a book table a couple of entertaining nature films Test your knowledge with a fun “Nature ID Quiz” Tuesday February 28, 2023, Orangeville Senior’s Centre 26 Bythia St 7:00pm.   Free admission Everyone welcome Refreshments provided (bring your own mug)   So far 7 people are setting up displays of their nature items. There will be interesting things for you to see such as specimen collections, nature artifacts, DIY peanut feeder and art.  There’s still time to reserve a table. Let… Read more »

HN Field Trip: Transfixed by the Winter Sky at Island Lake

On the early evening of 2023 January 14, we had ten of us out watching while Orion “came up sideways, throwing a leg up over our fence of mountains” last night. (Robert Frost, “The Star Splitters”) Thanks for coming out to Island Lake and sharing my enthusiasms about the night sky! Let’s do this again with a different part of the sky. (See below about the coming ‘green’ comet, Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF. If we get good viewing conditions, I’ll set up another field trip on short notice.) It was cool on January 14th, but the skies were remarkably clear. It seemed like none of us had seen the clear night sky for months! Sirius was an absolute glory to watch as it cleared the ridge across the lake, twinkling ecstatically and flashing brilliantly in the full glory across almost the whole rainbow of colours. It truly seemed to dance… Read more »

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