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2018 April: FoldScope — a functioning origami microscope!

2018 April For our final Speakers Night of the season we will be hosting a very unique hands on workshop. You will get to build and use a  FoldScope, a functioning origami microscope made from paper. These were developed by Manu Prakash and his associates with intent of making microscopy available to everyone around the world. Here is Prakesh at a TED Talk describing his microscope and how it can revolutionize health care in developing countries. . FoldScopes have become very popular with professional and amateur scientists and naturalists around the world for exploring the microbiome. The microbiome is a diverse world populated by creatures smaller than the eye can see. You will be using your FoldScope to look for creatures such as rotifers, nematodes, copepods, vorticella, tardigrades, and other fascinating creatures. For more info about FoldScopes Tuesday April 24th at 7:30 P.M. at the Orangeville and District Seniors Centre… Read more »

A film night: Jackson Hole WILD films!

Jackson Hole WILD films coming to the Upper Credit Field Naturalists, January 23rd On Tuesday evening January 23rd, 2018, at 7:30 P.M., selections from the world-famous Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival are coming to our backyard! Join us for a special WILD On Tour screening of short films. We are highlighting the joyous and informative exploration of nature. Ron has chosen a variety of shorter films instead of 1–3 long films. 1. Project Coyote – Killing Games: Wildlife in the Crosshairs. 30 min 2. 16 Legs: Spider Love. 25 min (a spider expert will be presenting to our group this March) 3. Between Two Lichens. 15 min 4. Nature RX. – 2min 5. Microsculpture. – 5 min 6. Blue. – 4 min 7. Banana Slugs: Secret of the Slime. – 4 min 8. Return of the Cicadas. – 7 min. 9. Explore Your Backyard Wilderness. – 4 min (Total screening time 96… Read more »

Our Christmas Bird Count —  initial results

On Saturday December 30th, we completed our annual Christmas Bird Count. The Numbers: 23 + 7 participants; 715 km driven; 10.5 km walked; 2.5 hrs owling; -14ºC minimum; 38 species overall; estimated 3983 individual birds overall; most populous: American Crow 931, Snow Bunting 740, European Starling 342, Dark-eyed Junco 335, American Goldfinch 300, Black-Capped Chickadee 272, Wild Turkey 223, least seen: Ruffed Grouse 1, Northern Harrier 1, Sharp-shinned Hawk 1, Cooper’s Hawk 1, Snowy Owl 1, Belted Kingfisher 1, Northern Shrike 1, Christmas Bird Count participants: (23 participants): (Area 1): Ron Jasiuk, Bill, Mike, Russ, Cynthia, Leo; (Area 2): Mark Whitcombe, Jerry, Paul, Katherine; (Area 3): Linda Lockyer, Mike, Dilys, Debby; (Area 4): Ron Ritchie, Mary Lynn, Betty; (Area 5): Dawn Renfrew, Darcie; (Area 6): Rob Best, Kevin, Anne-Marie, Suzanne Christmas Feeder Watch participants: (7 participants): Doug & Jane, Jean, Joan, Robin, Rachel, Liz Comments (by a botanist …) Of… Read more »