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Nature in ‘our back yard’ — for kids and more on Saturday September 9th

Come and discover nature in ‘our back yard’! Join us Saturday September 16th, from 10 A.M. to 11 A.M. At the Mono Pollinator Garden, on the south side of Hockley Rd about 1km east of the intersection with highway 10 Discover pollinating insects, flowers, snails, birds — anything and everything!! A short FREE field trip for kids and adults We welcome kids from 3 years and up accompanied by a responsible adult. If your child uses cameras or binoculars ,you could bring your own — but we’ll be concentrating on direct observation and interpretation. See the natural world through the eyes and ears and perceptions of kids! For More Information, contact:

HN Field Trip: Transfixed by the Winter Sky at Island Lake

On the early evening of 2023 January 14, we had ten of us out watching while Orion “came up sideways, throwing a leg up over our fence of mountains” last night. (Robert Frost, “The Star Splitters”) Thanks for coming out to Island Lake and sharing my enthusiasms about the night sky! Let’s do this again with a different part of the sky. (See below about the coming ‘green’ comet, Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF. If we get good viewing conditions, I’ll set up another field trip on short notice.) It was cool on January 14th, but the skies were remarkably clear. It seemed like none of us had seen the clear night sky for months! Sirius was an absolute glory to watch as it cleared the ridge across the lake, twinkling ecstatically and flashing brilliantly in the full glory across almost the whole rainbow of colours. It truly seemed to dance… Read more »

Christmas Bird Count 2022 for Headwaters Nature

The Christmas Bird Count was on Dec 28, a calm day after a week of bitter cold, snow and howling winds. The temperature was from -2ºC  to +3ºC. Unfortunately waterways were frozen from the prior cold spell. The area that Headwaters Nature and friends cover for the annual Christmas Bird Count is officially labelled ‘ONCD’. It covers much of Caledon as well as parts of Orangeville and Erin. This is the 31st count, beginning in 1987 with a few missing years. We had a total of 11 teams, each with part of or the whole of the various Areas outlined in the above map.  There were also 4 Project FeederWatch reports submitted to Headwaters Nature. We had 48 species which is the best since 2005 (average 39.4 the last five years), but a number of these species are only represented by one or two birds. Our total count of 3135 is… Read more »