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January Nature Movie Festival is changed to January 23rd, 7:30 P.M.

We are taking advantage of a new opportunity for our January meeting: a nature film festival. Check this out and click on the €œFestival Films on Tour.€ We are using mainly short films from Jackson Hole Wild to host an event at the Seniors centre for our members. We’ll provide more details shortly! Because of renovations at the Seniors’ Centre during the last week of January, we have to move the date away from January 30th to Tuesday, January 23rd at our usual time of 7:30 P.M.

The “L” word and they’re everywhere!

A word that I have not uttered or thought about for probably thirty years popped into my head when looking at this picture of …….Lenticels. Although I was able to associate the word with the horizontal lines found on the Birch tree trunk I remembered nothing about the structure or function of Lenticels. “Raised circular, for sale oval or elongated areas on stems and roots are known as lenticels.” After reading this I saw lenticels everywhere..on my carrots, beets, apples, potatoes and houseplants. Lenticels function as pores to allow for the exchange of gases. It’s how tissues within stems, trunks and roots get oxygen. For some tree species such as the Pignut Hickory and Northern Spicebush, the shape of the lenticels can help with winter identification. Split Rock side trail, Bruce Trail, Mono, ON

“One person’s fish is another person’s poisson”

On Tuesday Jan. 26th, Phil Bird from the CVC will be giving an illustrated talk about some of the unique fishes found in the Credit River watershed. Presentation will start at 7:30pm at the Orangeville & District Seniors Centre, 26th Bythia Street, Orangeville. Did you know that all of the fishes shown below are found in the Credit River?