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Spring Bingo for 2020 April 04

Here’s the Headwaters Nature Bingo page of clues for the next several weeks! We’re now encouraging you to include up to three of your personal observations that go beyond the list of 22 other observations! Make this your own challenge — and include observations that mean a lot to you! (I am personally going to include the Merlins that I saw earlier this week in downtown Orangeville. They were exciting to see!) Send your observations to the Webmaster for prizes of ‘inestimable value’! Here’s a printable blank bingo card (including instructions) for you to use if you wish. We’re also including a printed version of the current clues: Wild Leeks / Ramps (poking above the ground; bonus point for sustainably digging and eating one leek! Woolly Bear caterpillar (bonus point: what is the name of the moth, and what colour is it?) Baby bird of any species and name the… Read more »